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Monthly Archives: July 2006

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Little Sweetheart

This little guy is SUCH a sweetheart. I just LOVE him- so full of smiles and happy throughout his whole session today. His big sister first started coming to me when she was two and now I get the pleasure of watching him grow! At his last session he was just a tiny newborn and look at him now! He even let me snuggle with him and get my baby fix… and gave me a bit of the baby bug too. Did I mention that I love him???
His mom is one of my biggest customer referrals. She’s quite the talker, apparently :)
I get to photograph big sister as well as the whole family in October. I can’t wait!!
Just one of this little cutie and then I must get back to work… I’m very behind! If I owe you a proofed session, I PROMISE I’m working hard!!!

Meet Jack

I photographed Jack on his 1st birthday. Jack has the most gorgeous red curly hair! Top that with his sparkling eyes and sweet smile and you have one little sweetheart.
He loves the water and and his horses. Here are a few of my favorites from our session.
Thanks for the opportunity to capture Jack!!

So, I’ve decided to try the world of blogging…. me…. the one (and I hang my head in shame as I admit this) who still owes many hours to my kids in the form of journaling in their baby books. And let’s not even talk about their scrapbooks… My first, who is FIVE, has many, many pages scrapped through her first two years- yep I owe her 3 years worth. And my baby (okay, so he’s two but still my BABY) has ummmm, maybe ten total pages. Some where, some how scrapping and baby books got lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. I love to scrap but I hate the guilt I feel when I look at my babies lacking books. I keep telling myself one day… when life slows down. In the meantime I’ll keep writing little notes to them and marking those milestones on the calendar…

But back to the present…. I’ve decided to TRY blogging as a way to keep everyone updated. This will be much easier than trying to update my website… as many of you noticed there was 6 months in between updates on that. I plan on updating the website like normal- and hopefully more than every 6 months! So look here for current happenings with Expressions and you never know, I may just post a sneak peek to your session!