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I love getting these little ones this early. I always say the earlier the better! This little guy was less than 2 weeks old. His mom was soooo relaxed and more than willing to step back let me do my thing- which made my job easier. And newborn sessions are anything but easy….
Here is precious little Jace- he was a total sweetheart!
This first picture is one of my favorite newborn shots. Can’t you just imagine him like this, all curled up in utero?

And just to prove he didn’t sleep the whole time :)

Bowl Baby

Isn’t this little one just adorable???? He was such an easy going, HAPPY baby! I love this age! He even sat happily in my bowl…. what more could you ask for!
Until next time,

meet my newest little friend

Captivating. If I could choose one word to describe this little guy that would be it. From the moment I arrived I was drawn into his little world. He was just so much fun, full of life, and on the go! These are the kinds of sessions I love the most- the ones where you get a peek into their little world…. everything from his newly caught turtle to his well-loved blankie he held tightly to as we toured his room. I had a blast with this little bright-eyed three year old and made a new best friend…. who really wanted to come home with me. Maybe Mom will let you come home with me next time! {wink}
Here is Seth- who you just know has captivated his mom and dad’s hearts!


Yes, my baby started Kindergarten this week. Today was her second day. She loves it!I just can’t believe that we are here. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were celebrating those firsts- everything from the first smiles to those first steps? And now she’s five, has 2 loose teeth, and is in kindergarten. Unreal! She’s my little sidekick, my heart and soul, and in her words “mama’s girl”. She amazes me each and every day. She’s kind, patient (esp. with her little brother), smart, funny, talented, loving, and sensitive, just to name a few of her best attributes- what a wonderful little person she is! I want to keep her this age forever!
This summer we found a few spare moments to squeeze in a “session” for just her. Now to only find time to proof it…. She keeps reminding me that she wants a slideshow of her pictures!

Thanks for letting me share a piece of the little girl who motivates me and is one of my biggest inspirations in life. Soon, I’ll share the little man in my life… the one that keeps me on my toes, puts joy in my heart, and a smile on my face!
But for now my princess.
On her first day

earlier this summer

She’s a flower enthusiast and borrowed my mom’s flower book. I caught her pouring over it early one morning.

Now back to work……

Another cutie…

I get comments all the time about how I have the cutest/prettiest children on my website. And it’s true! I get to photograph the most gorgeous children- lucky me!!!
This little one is no exception. Miss Lexi just recently turned one and was all over the place. She was a little angel and a pleasure to photograph! I’m excited to meet her big sister next month!
Until next time,
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Daddy’s Arms

Remember that feeling of being in daddy’s arms? I do. I always felt safe there. For me there will always be a need for “daddy’s arms”.
This little sweetie was being quite the mommy’s girl on this day. Poor daddy- he tried everything to get a picture with her and she just wouldn’t have it. When he picked her up to carry her across a rough spot I just couldn’t resist this shot. She seemed so content there in her daddy’s arms. I guess all girls have to hassle their daddies a bit :)

And just a few more of this little beauty.

Take a hot summer day, an 18 month old, and add a photo session….

and what do you get? Well with 18 month olds you just never know what to expect! But this little one was a pure angel. She had me hooked from the beginning… just look at those eyes and curls!
Thanks Christian for letting me capture your sweet princess… and I’m glad you loved them enough that the wait was worth it!

I love my job!!!

EEKS…. I’m behind…. but what’s new. I have had so much positive feedback on my blog, so I’m trying to keep up. Of course, getting sessions proofed is top priority and I’m having a hard time staying caught up. I’m NOT complaining because I absouletly LOVE what I do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capturing the look of contentment that comes across an active 15 month olds face after she looks up and finds that mommy is still there ,or that toddler who is struggling between complete independence and still finding the need for a parent’s hand, or the soulful eyes of a three year old, or the tender way a daddy looks at his newborn, or that 6 year olds gaping smile that reminds you they are growing up all too fast…. should I go on?
It’s capturing those every day moments and expressions that I’m so in love with.
What else do I love about my job?
Watching these little ones grow up and seeing those little personalities emerging. It’s amazing how quickly they change!!
Of course to end this I have to post a picture…. This is Jet. He’s a Baby Planner and I’ve had the privilege of photographing him before he was even born, with mom’s maternity. At his first session he was 2 weeks old and just a peanut… now he’s 3 months old and growing so fast. Amazing, the difference a couple of months can make. You’d never know that he makes me work hard at every session….. he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the camera. At 2 weeks we had the hair dryer out trying to warm him up because he was NOT happy when we stripped him down. And at 3 months those smiles would only emerge when he was far away from the camera… of course that half grin over mom’s shoulder more than makes up for it!
Sweet Baby at 2 weeks

And now