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Monthly Archives: September 2006

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30 Weeks Pregnant…

with TWINS! Honestly, she looked fabulous! She had the perfect little belly and was all babies! What a sweet couple they were– so in love and lots of anticipation for the birth of the babes! Thankfully we got this session in when we did- apparently these little ones didn’t wait much longer and were born just over a week later. When I last talked to mom they were doing well and she was hoping they’d be home soon. I can’t wait to see them at their newborn session!
A HUGE congratulations to the “T” Family!

In time for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is right around the corner! This year I’m excited to offer picture frame ornaments. These charming ornaments are sliver plated, tarnish resistant, and are perfect for displaying two of your favorite images from your session. They are sure to be a grandparent pleaser this Christmas! And the best part, they can be displayed all year!
They will be $22 and will come with your choice of 2 3×3 images.
There is a limited supply so let me know early if you are interested!

(click to view larger)

And while I was working on my “product photography” :) I snapped a few of my wildly popular sessions albums. These are so hot I can’t keep them in stock! It seems almost everyone wants one of these gorgeous leather bound albums.

Keep an eye out for the 2006 Christmas card designs….. coming soon!!

The *B* Boys

I adore these kids! I’ve had the great privilege of being there to see them grow from newborns to the terrific kids they are today. They truly are wonderful kids- each with their own distinct personality. Their mom is one of my oldest (and not to mention best) friends. We’ve known each other since WE were in kindergarten…. and shared a lot of tears and laughs along the way. She has been one of my biggest supporters. She has also been on me to get these proofed…….
She wanted an “eating watermelon” session for her kitchen wall. Here are the 3 B’s eating it their way.

See the watermelon seed mid air?

Email Down

Just as I figured would happen, my email is down….
In fact, I haven’t received an email since 9/15. I KNEW that was very odd but now I’ve had several people call and tell me they’ve tried to email me.
If you haven’t received a response from an email you’ve sent, it’s because I haven’t received it.
Until my new site is up (and you’ll know because it has a new look) use this hotmail address to reach me.

Sweet Baby

Ahhhh yes, another precious newborn. This little guy was just one week old. And such a trooper after being pricked at the Dr.’s office just hours before. He had a gorgeous nursery and a very laid-back mommy. Boy, I must have missed the class on how to be a go-with-the-flow first time mom! She seemed to have the hang of it after only one week!
I love how “bendy” they are at this age. Once you get them so tired that they finally pass out from exhaustion…. then you are good to go!

Thanks to G for a great session and to his mommy and daddy too- I enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to seeing how much he has changed at his 3 month session!

I’m back….

This 1st week back from vacation has been a busy one! As everyone says- “I need a vacation from my vacation” but instead, I jumped in feet first. And then top it off with my web site having problems…. well it hasn’t slowed down.
I think everyone is able to access their gallery/slideshow (let me know if you aren’t!) but I’m UNABLE to upload any new sessions for viewing. Just a little frustrating!!!
I’m in the process of changing web host providers- but the process can take up to a week. In the mean time, I’m stuck with not being able to upload anything new to the site. Let’s just say I’m not very happy right now and there’s nothing I can do but wait patiently…. and I’m not very good at doing that. For those who have finished sessions but have yet to view them…. I’ll be contacting you shortly. I’m still working on proofing sessions that took place before vacation and I hope to finish those up SOON. Thanks SO much for your patience!!
I’m hoping the transition to the new host provider will be a smooth one- I’m assured that it CAN be…. crossing my fingers! I’ve spent much more time than I needed trying to get everything ready for the transition. I’d much rather be spending this time proofing sessions instead of redoing a site– but due to the MANY problems I’ve had with this current host provider, the switch is a must.
If your order has been placed, your gallery and slideshow will not be on the new site. I need to spend time only uploading new and unordered galleries/slideshows.
This is definitely a ‘learn as you go’ experience!!
If, during the transition, you are unable to reach me by email you can email me at this alternate hotmail address. Only use this if you’ve tried to email me at expressions and I don’t respond within 24 hours.
Be sure to let me know if you have any problems viewing your session at any point!
Have a great day!

Business talk

So being on vacation has given me some time to reflect on a lot of things– and among many things, how effective my business practices are. My family, friends, and almost anyone who has had a session with me can tell you, I’m constantly struggling to keep up with the work load. Does that mean I no longer enjoy what I do? I can 100%, without doubt say- NO— I still love my job- even the business aspect of it. But as always, I’m struggling to keep my wonderful clients happy and at the same time run an efficient business.
Without boring you with all of the ins and outs and the details of why- I have decided to restructure how I proof sessions. Although I love giving a first glimpse of a session through a slideshow I have found that it’s not completely working for my business. Throughout this restructuring I may change things more than once but I do need to find something that works for everyone, myself included.
When I finish proofing a session, I ask that you turn your order in within a week. MOST are very good with doing this… but not all are on the ball with getting their orders in (and TRUST me…. I’m a procrastinator at heart, especially with “big” decisions so I do understand how hard it can be to make a final decision).
To help everyone understand the reasoning behind this I may need to explain a bit further. A proofed session takes up extremely large amounts of space on my computer (think many, many gigabytes). Now imagine having a large number of these sessions on my hard drive— my space runs out very quickly. In order to keep unordered sessions active I have to keep investing in extra hard drives to house these sessions- which leads to extra costs- which leads to price increases.
So, what do I plan on doing? For now I want to keep the slideshow presentation but it will work in a different way. For most, this won’t change how you receive your proofed sessions. You’ll still get your slideshow and web gallery. But, the slideshow will expire after 1 week. In order to get a non-expiring slideshow your order will have to be returned on or before the date specified. At that time I’ll upload your non-expiring slideshow and it can be downloaded, and kept, like normal. And to keep it fair, this to be a steadfast rule for EVERYONE. I can’t make exceptions for one client and not another. I will sell the slideshow but it won’t be inexpensive. Once you place an order, it is my desire is to give it away – not sell it. I only ask that you return your order within the specified amount of time, so I can remove the session from my hard drive and make room for the next session.
Thanks to ALL of my clients- I love that I get to meet the most interesting people. I get to share a little of your lives; and in return I hope I’m able to give you moments forever captured in time.

Beach Session

This week we have been enjoying a MUCH needed family vacation. We have spent this week playing in the ocean, building sand castles, and just enjoying each other. Of course, I just *couldn’t* go a week without a few sessions…. :)

This is Aubrey and her mommy and daddy. The love they have for each other and this little girl is evident. Anyone who has the privilege of spending time with them can see they are a wonderful little family.

Thanks A & R for another great session- I can’t wait until I can proof the rest!