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Monthly Archives: October 2006

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Boys, Boys, Boys

I’ve had a run of active, yet FUN BOYS!!! I feel right at home chasing these little guys because I have my very own very active boy at home! I’m evening it out with girls on my calendar now, but for a while the boys were outnumbering the girls!
Since I’m WAY behind on showing off all the cuties I’ve had the pleasure of photographing lately- this is going to be a post dedicated to some of the little guys I’ve seen in the last several weeks. I wish I could post every session because I seriously get the CUTEST kids ever…. but alas, time is a factor.

This session was a little more than a few weeks ago but I just had to show these adorable guys. They were such a treat- and SO easy! Definitely more than brothers- they are great friends too!

This little guy is 18 months. Just look at those eyes and lashes!!!

And here’s one year old Trenton. He was NON stop and as cute as a button!

Little Colton– who is two with locks of blonde curls…. definitely a future heartbreaker!

Preston is a little charmer and has the sweetest smile and gorgeous eyes. He was lots of fun and SO smart- he had lots going on in that little head!

This little one was all over the place and ready to explore everything…. with NO fear! Look at his gorgeous red hair– LOVE it!!


Yes, another change….
I have had to change slideshow programs. I’ve actually been using this for a few weeks now and everyone thus far seems to like it.
This change is for a few different reasons:
1) PC AND Mac users can view this slideshow. I have more and more clients using Macs and they have never been able to download their session slideshow for viewing.
2) Apparently the old slideshow program doesn’t sit well with my new site. I’ve had some slideshows load fine but the majority will not load and I have spent hours in frustration trying to get them to work. So far this new program loads perfectly and is easier to use.
3) As mentioned above, this program is saving me lots of time so that’s a BIG bonus for me!

Now, I know some of you are saying you want the old slideshow that can be saved on your computer- and I understand that. I have added the “old” slideshow to my price list, included it in most of the Collections, and it is complimentary after a certain amount has been spent. If you decide to purchase a slideshow it will NOT have the copyright stamp on each picture. Each purchase will come with a DVD and a computer version of the slideshow burned to a CD.
I hope everyone understands my position on this.
Thanks to all!

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Mom

This is Briley and her mom, Kesha. Briley is simply gorgeous and could definitely work it for the camera. She’s not only beautiful but smart and funny too. She was a blast to work with.
Briley is teetering on “teen-hood” and it reminded me that I’ll blink my eyes and my little girl will be there too.
So, because I KNOW you are waiting and ANXIOUS, Mom…. these are a sneak peek just for you.
Oh, and sorry to David (and Raley, the family dog) who got left out of the preview… I promise there are some great family shots with you included! :)
The mother/daughter bond is obvious between these two.

And one of just Miss B by herself

Holiday Cards

For those who haven’t seen this year’s Holiday Cards here is a preview! There are 30 designs to choose from.

The cards are 5×7 (there are a few 4×8’s and are marked as such) and come with envelopes.

All cards can be viewed HERE

Prices for cards:
1-50 $2 each
51+ $1.50 each

ALL cards must be ordered by Nov. 24th to ensure timely delivery. (and of course, the sooner the better!)

**I’ve had several calls about ordering cards from sessions held earlier in the year. Due to the full holiday schedule I will be offering these cards to anyone who had a session in 2006 with NO additional “reactivation” charges. If you’d like to order from your session please let me know ASAP so I can pull your files and get them ordered.**

There’s The Blue Collection

The Modern Collection

The Elegant Collection

The Holly Jolly Collection

The Joy Collection

Five years old…

and as cute as a button! This is Madison. She is in Kindergarten, has a loose tooth, and will become a BIG sister in a couple of months! Lots of fun changes in her little world!
I always enjoy capturing this little sweetie and can’t wait to meet Baby!

Grace and Beauty

This is Meredith- a high school senior.
I had a blast shooting this session! From the moment mom contacted me we seemed to connect instantly and the ideas for this session began to flow. She was looking to capture the essence of her daughter…. her beauty, her grace, and her passion for dancing. It was a pleasure capturing this gorgeous young woman…. and Meredith, you were awesome to work with! Best of luck as you pursue your dreams!

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