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Monthly Archives: April 2007

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Blue eyed boys

I recently had the joy of photographing two adorable brothers. Great kids and lots of fun… only one little problem- baby brother didn’t want big brother too close. Ahhh, brothers! :)

I still managed to get a few of the little guys together!

Here are Zachary and Eli…


This little girl’s smile can light up a room…. even when she’s sick. Poor little pumpkin– little did we know going into the session that she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t hold out too long so we called it quits early and decided to finish her session another day. Thankfully she was back to her spunky self for her next session!

Here’s little Miss Cutie

Aubrey is ONE!

I’ve said it many times, but that first year just flies by! I’ve had the great privilege of capturing of Miss Aubrey throughout her 1st year. It’s one of the greatest parts of what I do- seeing these little ones come to me so fresh and new and right before my eyes I see them blossom and become little people.

I’m a little late on this one but Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Girl!

A little bit of blue…

Ahhh, another precious newborn. There’s just nothing more sweet….

This little guy was your stereotypical 3rd child- laid back and easy. Gotta love that! :)

Here’s Mr. John Kyle– who is too cute for words!

Another Princess

This family was just blessed with another girl to love… that makes three! And what sweet girls they are!

Here is their newest joy– Sweet Baby Addie.

Congratulations J Family!


Normally toddler + boy… well that usually = me exhausted! :)

Symon was definitely ALL boy and ALL toddler but he was very into having his picture made and so cooperative! Made my job easy. This little guy is such a sweetheart and those big brown eyes will just melt you… they did me.

A long awaited for baby girl

This is Miss Cori. Her mommy and I used to teach next door to one another back when we both were brand new teachers…. I have lots of fond memories of those days.
This little one has been a long time coming for her mommy and daddy. They’ve waited so long for her. I know that all of the heartache and tears are worth it all– now that they have this little angel to love and hold.

And an angel she is…. just look at her… PRECIOUS!

oh and a side note to all expecting moms that I have on my calendar…. the mom of Miss Cori requests that I now inform all moms of newborns to bring an extra pair of pants– just incase your little love decides to pee all down the front of your only pair of pants…. lol (of course, I’m not accusing this little cherub of doing anything that devious…..) :)

Congratulations L and B!