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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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two boys and a princess

These were some seriously great kids! You just know this little sweetie has her brothers wrapped around her little finger!

Here are Clark David, Tucker, and Tess– 3 amazingly gorgeous kids!

Big Sister, Little Brother

These cuties were a ton of fun and it’s obvious how much they adore each other! Here are Claudia and John Michael.

Little G

It’s that time again…. sweet Griffin at 9 months. I have to admit, G was a bit more challenging this time…. on the go and not even walking. So what else do I do but throw him in a pot. haha
I’m looking forward to CHASING him at his 1 year session :) ! And, I didn’t think it was possible but he keeps getting cuter every time I see him! His sweet face just melts me….


Callie just turned one. Look at those sparkling blue eyes…. beautiful girl!

Sweet Girls

Two more sweet sisters! I had the privilege of meeting these adorable sisters and their mom and dad not too long ago. They were great family who knew how to have lots of fun during a photo session!

Again, we have one talker and one who took a few minutes to warm up to me. But it wasn’t long before they were both talking non-stop and showing their cute personalities.

Here are Piper and Quinn….

See, I told you they knew how to have fun…. mom is somewhere on the bottom of that pile!

Baby Braden

Isn’t he sweet???


Okay, I know you’re not *supposed* to use the word beautiful to describe boys…. but seriously, LOOK at him. So you’ve got a beautiful baby, a beautiful family– and a mom and dad who are crazy in love with him. Beautiful…

And yes, this is the same sweet face that is now gracing the first page of my website!

This is Reid- and he’s growing like crazy! Last time I saw him was at 6 or 7 months and now he’s one! Let the fun begin! :)


Summer is definitely in full swing and sessions are booking quickly! There are a few sessions left in late July and August is filling up as well. If a summer session was in your plans— call to reserve your spot.
Remember, if you are expecting and wish to have a newborn session date reserved- call early in order to be put on the calendar. I try to fit in newborns but there is no guarantee I can get them in- unless you were previously on the calendar.
Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Ansley and Meredith

Two gorgeous sisters and a precious family…

You may recognize Ansley from the website. I get SO many comments about how beautiful she is… and now there’s little sister who is just as gorgeous.


These two beautiful girls are sisters… and like most sisters they are uniquely different- in looks and personality. You have the outgoing smiling one and you have the shy reserved one. But no matter the differences, they still share that common bond of forever sisters.

This is Brinley and Ella …. don’t you just LOVE their names?

And yes, I did get a few smiles from Miss Ella. :)