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Monthly Archives: July 2007

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Newborn Isaiah

What a sweet little guy he was!

Sweet baby…

…Mason is now six months old! Look at that big guy sitting all by himself!


It was great to see this little doll- it seems like her newborn session was just days ago… and now she’s four months old…


Pretty Miss Lexi at nine months…

A sneak preview…

from today for this mom. She’ll likely be in the hospital delivering their 2nd baby when I get these proofed so I wanted to give her a little something to hold her over! I knew immediately when I took this one that I’d love it. I couldn’t wait to get it on my computer and look at it up close!

I promise to show more once I get them all proofed but for now here’s just one of this little cutie! (It’s also her 2nd birthday today!!- hope you had a great day!)
Good luck B- I’ll be talking to you soon! :)

She’s back….

Cori at 4 months….

Is she trying to tell me something here??? :0)

Hank…. then and now

Little Hank has grown a bit since our last session! Doesn’t he have the sweetest smile!!

and now…

Taylor Ann, Maddie, and Caiden

These three are full of personality and truly kept me going!!! :)
Here’s the gorgeous trio…


The “M” family just recently added a third boy to the mix! (you may recognize these 2 gorgeous boys from my website– seriously stunning kids!)

Here they are- a family of four… And Baby Noah makes five! Oh, and be warned- this little guy may stir up irrational feelings of ‘maybe just one more??’….


Little Jack has the sweetest grin, most beautiful blue eyes, and the best expressions…. and rolls that are irresistible. :)
He’s positively gorgeous!