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Monthly Archives: August 2007

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Vacation, holiday talk, available dates, and a cute little guy :)

Summer is almost gone and we’re taking a MUCH needed vacation…. YIPPPEEE :) !!!
While I will have email and voice mail access- it will be limited. I will return all “emergency” email and voice mails ASAP. Any booking inquires will be answered in the order they were received, once I am back in the studio. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas sessions. I know many of you are way ahead of the game and have already booked your session- my full calendar is proof of that. I think I’m still in denial- post vacation will be a reality check!

There will be Christmas session dates and deadlines announced in a few weeks, so watch for that.

As of right now, Sept and Oct are full. November is booking quickly- with only a few sessions available. December will be reserved for maternity and newborn sessions- and those who don’t need their prints back in time for Christmas.
Have a GREAT Labor Day!

okay, on to that cute little guy….

Jet is a baby planner graduate now….. they grow too fast!!! He’s lightening fast but I think we still managed to make time stop- if only for a few moments.
And for me, this is what it’s all about…..

Noah and Ethan

Two very handsome brothers– and just all around awesome kids!

Ethan and Emma

Okay, not MY Emma and Ethan– but another sibling set with the same name. Gorgeous kids and boy was it a BUSY session! Miss Emma is go, go, go!


Another beautiful girl…. who had her gorgeous mommy join her for a few shots!

gorgeous baby, gorgeous mommy

This is Eja Malae…. fresh, new, and sleepy… just the way I LOVE them!

Pretty Miss Audrey

This six year old was FULL of energy! She loves to sing and dance and even held a mini recital right in the studio! Ahhh, to be a kid again…. :)


Doesn’t he have the cutest name?
How cool is it that this mom wanted him to wear his pjs for part of his session!! After all, who can resist their little ones in fresh pjs?

Here’s Tatum, who is as cute as a button!

as promised….

…more of Miss Anna.
The other day my daughter and I were taking a much needed “Mommy and Emma” day. We headed to the mall where Em wanted to ride the carousel. As I watched her go around a cute curly headed girl caught my eye… any guesses as to who it was??? ;)

there’s a classic charm about her- as if this image could have been taken 50 years ago

Gorgeous Family

Love these kiddos!!! Miss Sophie returned to see me but this time she brought the whole family. Big brother Walker is just a fantastic kid and so sweet to his baby sister!

M is for Macy

When this little beauty entered the studio I was beyond giddy– I mean, she’s beautiful and dainty and such a precious little princess…. who wouldn’t be excited?
She brought along her ultra sweet mommy and grandmother who joined in on the fun of getting Miss Macy to smile- and boy, do those blue eyes sparkle when she smiles!!

What a hard job I have…. :)