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Monthly Archives: September 2007

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Kasten is back….

Last year I had the pleasure of capturing Kasten when he was just one. Can I tell you what an easy one year old he was? Well, at 2 he was pure joy! He has the sweetest personality, is SO smart, and has lashes and eyes that will make your heart flutter. He’s quite the charmer! I got to capture Kasten doing some of his favorite things at this session- reading his favorite book, stacking his blocks, playing with his most prized toys, and even a few in his cute little pjs!

He’ll be a big brother soon- and I can’t wait to get my camera on the newest member of the family!

John Hunter and Maggie

It’s hard to believe these two are ONE now! Has it really been a year? Their personalities are as different as night and day but one thing they have in common (besides a birthday :) ) is that they are CUTE!


Sweet baby….


Miss Addie is 6 months old now…. what a change from that tiny newborn that I captured not too long ago…
She’s got the sweetest smile, almost sitting (which I’m sure she’s a PRO at now), and has the most amazing blue eyes with lashes that go on forever.
She’s perfect!

Baby Boy

These new parents are just adorable and so in love with their baby boy. I had the pleasure of doing their maternity session and then Kamden’s newborn session. And I have to tell you how sweet it was to hear this proud daddy talk about all the things they are going to do together.

Mr. Red

Can we say blog slacker??? No excuses, other than just not taking the time to post.

Austin visited me last year and what a difference a year makes! He’s so big and grown up now and just as cute as a button. I ADORE his red hair and freckles.

And this is what he loved to do while sitting in my pot… :)


Yep, home from vacation! It was a much needed break from the hectic schedule we seem to keep around here! Relaxing on the beach, playing with the kids, waking every morning at 6 am to the sound of little voices (okay the 6 am part wasn’t so great- but what can you do?), yummy food, and even a date with the hubby! Nice! We drove in late Thursday, just in time for us to get to Em’s soccer game (that Kevin coaches). So as I sit here trying to weed through the 75+ business emails and countless voice mails, I have suitcases that need to be unpacked and CLEAN laundry that needs to be put away- but returning emails/voice mail is on the top of the list today! I always hate coming home to mounds of laundry so I was industrious and did our laundry BEFORE we left. Brilliant, huh??? Okay, so I was just pulling from years of experience- that it’s never fun spending the day after a long vacation sorting through piles of clothes that need to be washed! So at least that part is taken care of. Now if I can manage to get it all put away….
I’m returning calls/emails in the order they were received and it may take until Monday to get through it all. If I haven’t returned your call/email by Tuesday morning- please try me again, as I may not have received your message.

Here’s a few of MY family that I managed to capture…. :)

They are so sweet and loving toward each other…. *most* of the time….The 3 people I love most in the worldWe had this awesome lagoon-like area right in front of our condo. The water there was crystal clear and the kids loved playing in it!And this is 50% of what I get from Ethan when the camera comes out….
Okay, this is why I’m almost always BEHIND the camera. But, I still love it- me, with both my– one of me actually looking :)

And this is the rest of what Ethan gives me….