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Monthly Archives: April 2008

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Jordan turned ONE

Jordan grew up literally before my eyes! I had the pleasure of photographing her mom’s maternity and then Miss Jordan as a newborn all the way through to one year!
I got the sweetest email from mom the other day and I just want to share it.

“…Jordan’s pictures are beautiful! The slideshow doesn’t do them justice! I especially love the 11×14 of her standing, she looks like a doll! Thanks for capturing my daughter in such a lovely, adorable way! I will cherish these pictures forever! Each time I walk down my hall, I see all of the beautiful pictures you have taken of my little girl from day one and it makes me smile and have happy tears. Thanks, Melanie, for all the beautiful, pure pictures that I hold dear to my heart!…”

Yes, mom is right– she does look like a doll!

Sarah Katherine

Sweet Baby Girl….


Such a sweet little guy….
He also brought along his big sisters for a few shots- I’ll have to share a few of those later! Check out those baby blues!

Giving Back Session

Thanks for all the heartfelt entries so far- I have truly been touched! I wanted to clarify that none of the entries will be published on the blog and the “winner” will not be identified as such on the blog. I would never want to embarrass anyone and I’ve had several emails asking so I wanted to clear that up incase it was keeping anyone from entering. In fact, since I will be choosing an outside source to help pick a winner- no names will be included for anyone other than me to see.
Back to my weekend…. :)

some more cuties…

Little Kendall and doting big brother Noah…


She had that pouty look down! :)
What a cutie!!!

Giving Back

I feel very blessed to do something I am so passionate about and that I’m able to live my dream. One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Robert Brault “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” That’s what motivates me …. capturing those little moments.
I think one of the greatest compliments I get from clients is when they tell me that they have saved for months in order to have a session with me. And while I know every mom and dad would love to have those precious moments captured of their own children, there isn’t always room in the budget for it. So in the spirit of giving back, I would like to give a session to a deserving family that for whatever reason, may not be able to afford a custom photo session. If you (or someone you know) thinks this describes your situation and would love beautiful images of your children- keep reading…
This offer is for a family with young children- or just the little
one(s) from the family.
The session will be limited to the immediate family only (no cousins, grandparents, etc.).
The session date and location will be determined by me and will be held within the next six weeks.

So… what does ‘the session’ include? The chosen recipient will receive a session (remember- I will choose the location) and a $400 print credit to be used on prints from the session.
The chosen family will need to be available on a weekday in June- I will have a couple of different dates to choose from.

And what do you need to do?
Email me at if you or someone you know would like to be considered for this opportunity. Put “Giving Back” in the subject line and then let me know why you think you (or the person) deserves this ‘giving back’ session. I don’t need a lot of details but provide any information you feel would be pertinent to my decision. A photo isn’t necessary but feel free to include one. Please also include all children’s names and ages along with a telephone number (and email address if available) of the person who desires the session. And lastly, please make sure if you are submitting another person for this, that they are truly interested in a session.

All entries must be received by midnight on May 2nd. Depending on how many entries are received, I may enlist a second party to help choose a winner. The winner will be notified by phone or email and we will set up a date and location at that time.


The beautiful Miss Addie turned one back in Feb…. yes, I’m a bit behind on the blog! I’ve had the pleasure of capturing this little doll throughout her first year- and what an honor it has been! I just adore this little pout….
And just to prove she smiled almost the entire session…

That girl knows how to enjoy her some cake!


I didn’t announce it and unless you’ve spoken to me recently you probably didn’t even realize I was MIA (aside from not returning your calls/emails)…. but I’m back and ready to return those emails and calls!

As most of you know, I don’t offer weddings. My love lies with photographing newborns, little ones, bigger ones, and their families. My schedule stays full so I can’t even imagine adding wedding photography to that already hectic schedule. But, I can’t say that I haven’t been curious and I’ve always had a desire to photograph a wedding. Well, this weekend I had an opportunity to do so. I was honored when a very special couple asked me to photograph their beach wedding and after careful consideration- I accepted. And as a little reward, my family and I spent a few extra days enjoying the beach before heading home.

The wedding itself was gorgeous but I have to say, I was TIRED. After 11 hours of shooting, I left the wedding site thrilled with the opportunity to capture the day for the beautiful couple…. and with a happy heart decided that I’ll stick with my little ones! Maybe one day I’ll move on and shoot the weddings of these little ones but for now, give me a baby or a two year old to chase and I’m completely content!

As I said, I’ll be returning calls/emails tomorrow. I haven’t counted but I know I have a long list so if I don’t get to everyone tomorrow please know that I’m working on it. If by Thurs. afternoon you haven’t heard from me, please try again- as I may not have received your message.
If you have requested a session, they will be booked in the order I received the request.

While I’m on the subject of sessions…. the spring schedule is almost full and summer is getting there as well.
I will be limiting my summer schedule to certain days of the week so that I can spend some extra time with my children while they are off for the summer. Location sessions will be limited so book soon if you desire a location session.

And what is a blog post without a cutie to go with it…..
This is Savannah Grace– and what a doll she is!


Sweet little Griffin…. same song, different session– he’s always on the move and this session was no exception. He’s growing up SO fast and is one smart cookie!