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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Audrey Katherine

Such a sweet little angel!!

And I couldn’t leave Big Brother Cole out… he insisted I take his picture. Really.


Meet the blue eyed cuties, Zachary and Eli….very much ‘on the go’ and such handsome little guys!

Kynli Jo at 4 months

Jack turns one!


Gorgeous, smart, and off to college…. good luck!
**side note: these are a bit late on MY part- she had them done in time for graduation! :) **


2 weeks without blogging??? Oops… just a super busy time around here!

Here is Miss Carter at 2 years. This little cutie rocks my world! It’s always a blast to capture her sweet personality!

K is for….

Kate Davis
This is what I found on a tree outside the studio, after our session. Miss Kate Davis wanted me to remember her…. how cute is that?? How could I forget this adorable face?

Bradley Garrison

I can’t get enough of these little newborns….

Can’t you just feel the love…