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Monthly Archives: August 2008

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vacation time!

I’m off for a week to enjoy some time with my family and much needed rest before the huge fall/Christmas rush!
If you need me, email- I hope to have access.
Have a great holiday weekend and I’ll return all emails and calls upon returning!


blue eyed cutie

Gibson at almost 7 months. What a sweetheart! It was a pleasure meeting this little guy and his ultra sweet mom!

Aiden Ryan

Sweet perfection….


Sweet baby boy and his cute-as-a-button big sis!


This is Cale and Owen… and yes, after looking at their sweet faces long enough, I can finally tell them apart! Aren’t these the CUTEST little guys!! I’m so happy I got to meet these precious ones- and their mom and grandmother too– very sweet ladies!

Cody and Cole

I just adore these two brothers! We had a rocky start with big brother, Cody… poor little guy has some health issues and required a shot right as the session began….. (I would have been upset too! ). But, he quickly perked up and was nothing less than a perfect angel the rest of our session!

From the looks of it, little brother Cole had his own issues with ME to begin with. lol
Don’t let him fool you, he was just playing hard to get.

As for the rest of the images…. I was able to capture a more serious side to these little guys as well but these happen to be some of my favorites…. and I think some of mom’s too!

Not sure what I said that was SOO hilariously funny….. :)


It’s such a blessing to watch these families grow! Aiden’s big sis Aubrey was just a tiny little one herself when I first met this beautiful family. And recently, I had the honor of capturing the newest love of their lives.
Such an adorable little guy…. who is completely adored by his family!

Ella Katherine

Miss Ella was ACTIVE this time around. I suspect she’ll be walking (or running) at her one year session.

She has the cutest little pouty face!

Baby Ethan

Such a sweet baby boy who is completely adored by his mommy and daddy!