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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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aka… Mr.-I’m-so-happy-all-the-time…  Such a sweet little guy who has a smile that will light up the room!c43c23c13c33c53


I’m backtracking a bit here but I just couldn’t pass up sharing this one…. even if it’s a few months old! Miss Macy never fails to melt my heart. She was a little stingy with the smiles on this day…. until her energetic mommy started doing back flips – -I kid you not- – to get a smile. If I hadn’t  been so determined to capture that smile I would have loved to enjoy the show! :) c72c12c32c42c52c62c22

newborn Caleb

Pure perfection….h1h5h4h2h3

Emma Kate turns one

Sweet Miss Emma Kate returned for her one year session. v2

Welcome to the *NEW* blog!

I’ve had this in the works for months… but I’m just now finding the time to get it all up and going. I hope everyone finds this easy to navigate and likes the new look.

The fall rush gave me little time to concentrate on anything but the task at hand. After a nice little break, I’m ready to jump back in and looking forward to all the cuties in 2009!


And to start it off…. some of my favorite people. My dear friend who has been there through good and bad…. (and it seems like she has had to work overtime in the last few months….)

The “B” Family